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Fuire la non-dormance.

2016-12-20 23:23:15 by P3M

Le sommeil m'attend, il me rêve sur les épaules. La lune brille, je doit mis rendre une nuit de plus.

Project. DSP-091

2016-12-16 18:32:40 by P3M

5029995_148193112172_IMG_2180.pngME And ken are working together, again! It's on the madrenassion story line.

Look like it's my birthday lmao

2016-12-08 07:40:43 by P3M

5029995_148120081892_IMG_2098.pngBoi, I'm hungry.

Back to newgrounds after 10 years!

2016-10-24 16:23:15 by P3M

Let's see if Tom notice me! hehehe


2016-10-10 17:04:56 by P3M

I'm not going to be much here for a bit. I'm not quitting, just focusing on school. Still gonna work on my movie and watch krinkels livestream. K, bye ;P


2016-10-06 16:19:01 by P3M

Awesome new profile picture and photo from @spaderz !


Thanks bud! Also go support him, he doing a big movie coming up this year!



2016-09-24 21:52:49 by P3M

Look like i just hitted 100-110 fans, woooooooh!

That's pretty nice, thanks to you guys. Shout out at all my boi like dudingpuding, gibbies etc, you know your name.

Here's a fail attempt for an E collab part lmao!







Side note: i MAY make some public sprite to celebrate :P


2016-09-09 14:27:08 by P3M

shoutout to my boi @Fedor22 , he will give you sprite of other animator for yours.

Then give your sprite to others, vice-versa.



credit to @dudingdarn for the picture And for the example.

Edit: no more sprite full link

P.S: Don't give your sprite, lol.


2016-08-27 23:56:31 by P3M

I did a timelapse.

It's shit.


2016-08-13 13:24:47 by P3M

If someone wanna help me, i need a new logo!