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2016-01-12 21:16:21 by P3M

Kind of busy, and I pretty much animate 1 time a month these time. What's up for this year? I want to focus on my school grade and to have fun with my friend, but it pretty much impossible because of the free time school allow me with all those homework. What I will do this year in madness? Madness E 5, maybe madrenassion 2 (Kenamii did a prank, his post is fake), fixification if it still a thing and a secret project that will probably never happen. Anyway, I hope 2016 will be a better year than 2015, cause for all a lot of people including me, it wasn't the best. Finally. Maybe gonna livestream this weekend (I'm probably gonna do ski). Well, that's pretty much it, I've lost a lot of my motivation for the madness community and animation sadly but anyway, I'm gonna see where it going.


2015-12-11 16:25:06 by P3M

My name is portal3man! gogogo! (in about a hour)

My birthday!

2015-11-25 23:49:33 by P3M

well, My birthday is coming in about two week :3 it could be very Nice to see some litte animation, sprites or fan art <3 Also huge thanks to @tiny-airman for that amazing profile picture / fan art you made (credit belong to him!). Anyway, gonna post some test here in not so long.

Livestreaming this weekend!

2015-10-19 23:12:33 by P3M

Come watch me animate some shit and have a good Time :P my name it portal3man on the livestreaming site btw.

Test contest #1

2015-10-10 16:15:26 by P3M

Test contest #1 is open! All you have to do is put a test you recently made in the comment and i will add it to this post with your name! Here's all the test:

P3M *Used ionizing sprite (By Dimb and Delawares)





Madrenassion! Go Check it out!

2015-10-04 10:55:08 by P3M

So after 1 years of animations, i present you madrenassion! Madrenassion is a madness coop maded by ken And me. We had to rush the end cause we kind of been lazy or have shit to do (mostly me) Anyway, go Check that out!

He gonna cure us all.

2015-09-29 18:17:11 by P3M


Delamortes the sniper!

2015-09-10 19:21:41 by P3M

idk, i kinda been borred over the internet, BUT, i found delamortes shooting thing which is pretty cool:

Also, madnessday's coming lads! See you there ;)

A smooth test / traitor test

2015-08-10 19:26:57 by P3M

A test i did with delamortes sprite and a gun i did with the style of cethic new sprite!

i think the test is pretty smooth really, i like it. also, if you wish to do a traitor test, post it in the comment section and i will include it in this section! 


2015-08-07 15:16:58 by P3M

Kenamii look sad


also two test (sorry the head look weird in the 2nd, also credit to stagnate for his awesome sprite :D)