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I'm alive?

2015-02-25 20:04:10 by P3M

Well, i'm back in some term :D

It just i got a lot of stuff in school, so i didn't have some time to animate, but it my week break so... BREAKTIME

I will make some animation this week! Ang i'm glad to see all of you :)

Here is a unfinished test, because i didn't feel like finishing it...

My birthday in 4 days!

2014-12-04 16:55:09 by P3M

Yeah all the Title said it, My birthday is in 4 days. Im making a thing for Christmas, Im gonna put some screenshot in few day. Thank guys!

New test

2014-11-14 21:11:27 by P3M

Well, here's my test!

Hope you will like it :D

Test tomorrow!

2014-11-12 22:02:16 by P3M

I will actually post Tests tomorrow :D And now i got quality button so you can change the quality of the animation...

Bye :D

Help ...

2014-11-08 19:41:16 by P3M

Every time i turn something in free transform (in cs5 script2) the line become smaller (tinner) is there any way i can fix it ?

Well well...

2014-11-04 21:15:49 by P3M

Well well, i just it 400 frame for the my first part of the infect collab! 

i love animating !


Project coming!

2014-11-03 17:31:18 by P3M

so i just finish my Exam period and it great!

So i will be making test, little movie bla bla bla...

And a project for chrismas


And continue my collab for infect collab 2

So that is all guy, thank for supporting me :D


2014-11-01 20:17:20 by P3M

Someone know how to fill a form i did with the brush tool ?


Info !

2014-10-31 20:38:54 by P3M

Hey guy! I just finished my exam period so i'm gonna restart making post and thing!

I actually made a head for a character! leave in the comment what i should add or remove.

here is it:


Hey guy! Some Info

2014-10-25 11:19:01 by P3M

Making infected collab part 1/2! I really enjoy making it !

I will be posting screenshot, but no preview video, because i don't wanna give punch.

Here a litte screenshot ! Ps: I'm using Krinkels and 1999Elias spritesheet!