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Help 2!

2014-10-24 23:51:02 by P3M

Anybody know a sprite sheet with the normal zombie head, i nead it to be 360 movable ...

Hey guys!

2014-10-22 19:40:11 by P3M

i'm very excited because i will actually work in the INFECTED COLLAB 2 !!!

I want to thank you guy for helping me and giving me inspiration for madness!

Also big thank to my friend Elias, Kelzad and cethic , if you guy was not there, i don't think i would making madness :D

Help !

2014-10-21 19:58:15 by P3M

Does someone have good background i could use ? 

Some new!

2014-10-16 23:06:46 by P3M

Hey guys, i'm actully making new test for you ! but i what i want to say it, i'm gonna make a animation for chrismas if have the time, if the schoo don't give me to much shit to do.

Anyway, i will post two new test tomorow !

Thank a lot for the support!

New Test

2014-10-14 19:38:56 by P3M

So some of you guys we're asking for .SWF version of my test !

Here is two test a made. Hope you'Il like !


Dump test

2014-10-06 11:18:29 by P3M

Here is the link to my newest test !

Is a bit crap but you know, it a test!