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Big news!

2017-04-08 21:28:03 by P3M

Me and multiple other animator made a madness YouTube channel were we will post timelapse, animation etc. The channel is called "The Madbox", we could say it's gonna look like GPS but with less known animator.

Here's a timelapse I made on it.

The collaborator in this group are (for now):


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2017-04-08 22:01:42

OMG,i'm first

P3M responds:

Nice dude xd


2017-04-08 22:15:49

Hope your new group goes well and makes some great stuff.

P3M responds:

Hell yeah dude! Thanks you :P


2017-04-08 23:26:27

Eeeee yeah!! Long time no see your timelapse! and group name is "The Madbox"?

P3M responds:

Heyyyy DYERA, waddup? And yeah the group is called "The Madbox"! We may add other artist later, if you want join PM me ;)


2017-04-09 01:40:31

Sounds like an intriguing project. BTW feel free to check this out:

P3M responds:

I will check that out right now, and thanks ;P


2017-04-09 02:01:06

Shiat,i'm to wanna in "Madbox" T-T

P3M responds:

We'll see!


2017-04-09 02:12:03



2017-04-09 02:52:21

I would want to join this "MadBox" Group, That would be sick.

P3M responds:

I will check that out!


2017-04-09 08:15:44

Again a shitty group.

P3M responds:

Sexy* group


2017-04-09 22:58:44

I subscribed you nerds

P3M responds:

Thanks big boy!


2017-04-10 13:25:00

Subbed , Im waiting for some gud work from you guys :P


2017-04-10 14:49:03

Is this opened for new employers? Good luck, but better kick kryy, at real he is a cockroach


2017-04-10 14:58:36

Lemme join plz!

P3M responds:

I was waiting for you to ask! COME IN!


2017-04-14 10:12:38

can i join??

P3M responds:

Work on your animation before, you still have some place for improvement.
I will see till there.


2017-04-14 17:25:36

heyyy, that's some good swamp you're doin

P3M responds:

Thanks French bro!


2017-04-14 22:33:26

A mad box.
Oh noes


2017-04-16 04:23:39

It seems like a lot of these green pepper studios aspiring groups have been popping up here and there. I hope it goes well for you guys.

P3M responds:

Thanks Leo! you know, I still look out for your animation since your probably the one with the most potential right now! If you want to join, I will greatly accept you.


2017-05-11 23:22:21

A list of the groups I see so far

Higher Powers: Basically Krinkels, the swain, cheshyre, and a few other guys

Green Pepper Studios: A group containing almost Krinkel level animators, like Kelzad and Gibb

Madczech: A group of good animators that are all czech

Madbox: The other best animators that need more attention


2017-05-25 06:39:39

wow, cool eye

P3M responds:

Thx mister!


2017-05-25 21:57:04

nice, can i join?