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When you need attention!

2017-06-23 20:47:38 by P3M


Just do like Djjaner! 

Feel free to comment like it's the actual djjaner post since he disable the comment, he probably know he'a the most hated one in this story.


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2017-06-23 22:56:11

Djjaner still has beef?


2017-06-23 23:22:15

You're just giving him the attention he's seeking by doing this, the best thing everyone should do is just to ignore it. It's between him and K-dog


2017-06-24 01:45:30

We should bully him, the old-fashioned way.


2017-06-24 05:18:02



2017-06-24 05:18:47

In real I have too many enemies already so Ill stay away from this


2017-06-24 05:56:28

Granted, a vice versa solo animation to a collab called ''betrayal''
Intent of it is not to hurt others' feelings, but to refrence an argument.
This is a bit too far.


2017-06-24 07:13:46

"When your husbando doesnt give you enough attention"


2017-06-24 16:35:16

hey guys, i've been out for a while
what did i misse.......

P3M responds:

Lmao, that's pretty much the reaction everyone gets. Some stupid drama, I hopes it's gonna end some days.


2017-06-27 09:39:13

well that's djjaner for ya


2017-06-30 04:14:03

This is payback tho if i was him i would do the same thing.
But im not his "BIG FANTASCTIC FAN"
I just defend him

That is all
and btw
There is nothing to do with Djjaner, he is safe


2017-07-02 16:39:40

Yes, he betrayed me.. @Kelzad 's argue repeated lies, clever excuses and fear of war and hopes for a good end, that I changed mind. haha exclusively fuck you.

I ended up with GPS (To this day I do not understand the meaning of existence, what is it GPS? Best community of all-stars or Kelzad asslickers community?) because I do not want to be a part of people who are aware of the death of the main author (Kelzad manipulating Gibb50) who is their sponsor (bad exclusively move for GPS). I knew @Kelzad soon finds a way to persuade Cheshyre cooperation, without my knowledge, and then he wrote me about a exclusively cooperation... he searches talents for his success and i know well why... ;) . 25k collab is proof, it's about him.

Collab about Betraying Kelzad by me will be fun because I believe that I will die multiple times. xD

Now I working on superb funny movie about Kelzad. Stay tuned! on Madness Day 2017... ;)

for haters and another piece of shit who is manipulating by Kelzad:
Please haters, stop typing shit type that "I am ugly fat shit and little kid what to grow up", I wonder how do you look? Maybe worse, right? ;)
Thanks to you assholes, I started a incident about @Kelzad to make you more pissed. Haha