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Potential meme?

2017-06-18 13:17:12 by P3M

Follow my little friend @Ratnic8000 , he's pretty cool!

News: Well summer is here, only 1 exam left. I will work on ICCOTD 2 Remake when i'm done with school :P5029995_149780622223_Capturedcran2017-06-1813.16.40.png

Big news!

2017-04-08 21:28:03 by P3M

Me and multiple other animator made a madness YouTube channel were we will post timelapse, animation etc. The channel is called "The Madbox", we could say it's gonna look like GPS but with less known animator.

Here's a timelapse I made on it.

The collaborator in this group are (for now):

ICCOTD 2 Remake

2017-03-30 23:59:41 by P3M

Well i don't think i have made a post for this, but i'm actually working on a remake of ICCOTD 2. ICCOTD 2 was a "canceled" movie by delamortes going back to 2010.


Adding some new ennemies is fun! Thanks to @dudingdarn for the help with this!

See y'all when their will be more than 2 minutes of content.

Mc11 sneak peek.

2017-02-04 15:20:19 by P3M

Don't tell anyone, i was able to film krinkels animating it.

Bye part1

2017-01-06 00:40:58 by P3M

Time as changed, so is my motivation for madness. I called this post "bye part1" since I don't really know if i'm about to quit madness. I kinda wanna animate it, but I have so much other shit to do + nobody is expecting thing from me so I don't have reason to stay. This isn't a fully quit, I'm just thinking about it.

Fuire la non-dormance.

2016-12-20 23:23:15 by P3M

Le sommeil m'attend, il me rêve sur les épaules. La lune brille, je doit mis rendre une nuit de plus.

Project. DSP-091

2016-12-16 18:32:40 by P3M

5029995_148193112172_IMG_2180.pngME And ken are working together, again! It's on the madrenassion story line.

Look like it's my birthday lmao

2016-12-08 07:40:43 by P3M

5029995_148120081892_IMG_2098.pngBoi, I'm hungry.

Back to newgrounds after 10 years!

2016-10-24 16:23:15 by P3M

Let's see if Tom notice me! hehehe


2016-10-10 17:04:56 by P3M

I'm not going to be much here for a bit. I'm not quitting, just focusing on school. Still gonna work on my movie and watch krinkels livestream. K, bye ;P