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A bit like Djjaner said, this looks really nice and would do a great trailer. Not a fan of the fact that it connects with kelzads universe (seems unoriginal), lot of potential out of the sortyline of some-else. Clearly deserve a 1st place of the day/week, but can't stand in the top 3 for MDDAY. Also, i would like to know what JSSOUL made in there?

Dont know where to start. The overall feeling i get in this animation is so nice. Music fits well for the environment in general. My favorite thing was probably the combos, some of them I never saw anywhere else (The tie one for exemple). If I was you, I would probably still work a little bit on the walk cycle, but even that you got your little style to it.

Really good zapchon! Honestly, overall was perfect, just wish the main character gets hit at some point to feel more struggle.

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2 tries! i'm better than that @spaderz dude lol!

hey! this game is pretty cool! The artwork is nice and the gameplay pretty smooth! i'm really like guitar hero type game and this remember me guitar hero a bit! i think you could add some special attack or something but this game is very good for your first one!

need a sprite sheet of this !
So cool !

1999Elias responds:

Thanks and have fun!

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SentryTurbo responds:

get clickbait'd


Really digging your style of techno, what's funny, i was actually listening to some of your oldies. Anyways, i feel like this one was pretty good except some part were i was hearing to much sound ( Like at 00:48). You can make some nice sounds which are hard to listen too because other one covert it. It's gonna be a 4.5/5 for me! Great job!

Feddey responds:

Thank you so much for your time and thoughts.! i know it's kind of chaotic, i¨ll try to shape it up and make space for all sounds! appreciat it! Thx!

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Me on my way to see my wifes boyfriend

Thats one comfy looking metro!

Love deimos and his wall face.

Cumulus are pretty cool.

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