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Madrenassion! Go Check it out!

2015-10-04 10:55:08 by P3M

So after 1 years of animations, i present you madrenassion! Madrenassion is a madness coop maded by ken And me. We had to rush the end cause we kind of been lazy or have shit to do (mostly me) Anyway, go Check that out!

He gonna cure us all.

2015-09-29 18:17:11 by P3M


Delamortes the sniper!

2015-09-10 19:21:41 by P3M

idk, i kinda been borred over the internet, BUT, i found delamortes shooting thing which is pretty cool:

Also, madnessday's coming lads! See you there ;)

A smooth test / traitor test

2015-08-10 19:26:57 by P3M

A test i did with delamortes sprite and a gun i did with the style of cethic new sprite!

i think the test is pretty smooth really, i like it. also, if you wish to do a traitor test, post it in the comment section and i will include it in this section! 


2015-08-07 15:16:58 by P3M

Kenamii look sad


also two test (sorry the head look weird in the 2nd, also credit to stagnate for his awesome sprite :D)


2015-07-26 10:04:52 by P3M

So some of you may know, but i'm actually on a trip in France. It gonna be a lot of fun. It been some time since i posted a test. So here's one i did with delamortes sprite (they are very smooth to animate, i like it)

Gonna work hard on project i got now.


2015-05-31 17:19:03 by P3M

So, i just wanted to inform all of you guys of what is happening to me! First of all, this post gonna be my last one for the next 2-3 week. Why? My final exam are coming pretty quickly so i don't have anytime to stay on newground during this short period :/ After that, i want to thank LemonPie for showing me how to do sprite. I tried doing some and i want a quick review of what i should add/change/remove. (don't comment on the hand ;_;)

Here's the "sprite"


That pretty much it!

I hope you all have a nice day!




2015-05-28 21:37:37 by P3M

Hello people of earth and monster from other universe. As we all know, we are all waiting for the q'n'a from spaderz, so i will be a copie-cat and copie him. So leave your question here and i will respond to it as Quick as sanic!


2015-05-13 21:52:51 by P3M

hello friends, mutant and creep. I just wanted to say that maybe tomorrow i will do a livestream if my mac allow it. Also big Thank for the 30 follow, sub or i dont even remember what is call? Anyway, have a nice day, i like you :)


2015-04-05 18:24:36 by P3M

I'm working on collab part and on the coop with kenamii, but today i was looking at my old animation... And i was happy to see progress and improvement in my animation!

My first ever test:

Test today:

I don't think without all of the great community, good review and nice animator, i would be there. Thank you guy and happy easter!