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2015-03-28 16:06:57 by P3M

Kenamii is a beast!


2015-03-27 19:47:11 by P3M

Somebody know a way to get cs6 or cs5 free... Or a way to have flash 8 on mac Plz..



2015-03-26 20:51:11 by P3M

Hey friends, i'm actually doing animation for collab! (gujit and lemonpie). Fot those who don't know, lemonpie just started a collab with a lot of blood hehehehe... Here is a pic!:5029995_142741731493_Capturedcran2015-03-2620.41.10.png

Also... Maybe i will do a collab with the Know french animator... KENAMII! We talk about it and maybe this project will work. It not a collab but more like a cooperative project!


Thank for reading!



2015-03-17 22:08:33 by P3M

So as some of you may know, i'm new to the Madness community (almost 1 year now) and i followed a lot of cool people like Kelzad, gibb, djjaner, elias, Cethic etc... At the start i was not very good At animating but with time, patience, help of you and a lot of other thing, i think i became a lot better :D thank you all of the great people who helped me in this community!

At this point, i got an idea. This week i was thinking about a new animation which was taking deimos And stanford (i love these guys). This would be an incident or something which would be like 1 to 4 minutes. But now i realise that project was not original... So i tought, maybe a collab where animator would make deimos And stanford go to a point A to a point B to do an action (destroy something, steal something etc) 

So if any of you guys would be interrested to this project, put a little test in the comment and i will say yes or nah if you could enter. I'm not checking for the best of the best, but for people who know at least how to animate smooth And good. Also, the best of the best animator are invited.

All of this is an idea And this would be my first collab!

Give me a little shout out of what you think of it... Thank!


~P3M-ster (as gibb would say)


2015-03-02 16:32:51 by P3M

Hey, i'm currently working on some part for a collab. Today i was feeling like doing a test so here it is!

I may continue this test to turn it in a collab part!

Also, thank to all the people who helped me in the community:D

I'm alive?

2015-02-25 20:04:10 by P3M

Well, i'm back in some term :D

It just i got a lot of stuff in school, so i didn't have some time to animate, but it my week break so... BREAKTIME

I will make some animation this week! Ang i'm glad to see all of you :)

Here is a unfinished test, because i didn't feel like finishing it...

My birthday in 4 days!

2014-12-04 16:55:09 by P3M

Yeah all the Title said it, My birthday is in 4 days. Im making a thing for Christmas, Im gonna put some screenshot in few day. Thank guys!

New test

2014-11-14 21:11:27 by P3M

Well, here's my test!

Hope you will like it :D

Test tomorrow!

2014-11-12 22:02:16 by P3M

I will actually post Tests tomorrow :D And now i got quality button so you can change the quality of the animation...

Bye :D

Help ...

2014-11-08 19:41:16 by P3M

Every time i turn something in free transform (in cs5 script2) the line become smaller (tinner) is there any way i can fix it ?